My Platform

I believe in the following for a better and brighter future for my fellow New Yorkers and Americans. 

Economy/ Balanced Budget

Our economy is the largest and richest in the world. We are the globe’s leading example of Capitalism and Free Market Enterprise. But due to excessive debt piled up from career politicians and bureaucrats for decades and an expansion of regulations on businesses, we have
seen our economy slowly decline and many incomes remain stagnant. Politicians on both sides of the aisle and all levels of government are responsible for the continuing fiscal irresponsibility of out of control spending and over taxation on the hard- working Americans that make our nation the greatest in the world. I believe in a required balanced budget to be proposed and enacted every fiscal year that simplifies the tax code and gets the government out of the private sector from working as it should. I also believe in an expansion of training and entrepreneur workshops for those entering the workforce and eliminating barriers that put a burden on small businesses from prospering.


Healthcare is one of the most important and talked about issues today. Millions of Americans
worry everyday whether they will have health insurance and if they will still be able to afford to be covered. Instead of both extreme sides of the aisle coming together to put the well-being of their constituents first, one side decides to let the government take over, while the other would let the Free Market continue to profit billions off the health of people. The well- being of Americans is significant beyond anything and letting full control of the government and enterprise system is an irrational solution to such a crucial issue. I believe in a system where individuals would be able to pay a portion of their premiums, be covered guaranteed if they wish, and not be denied coverage due to a preexisting condition or ethnicity. I also believe in expanding independent healthcare facilities and increasing treatment for men, women, and children and lowering drug prices for everyone both covered and not covered by insurance. Free Market competition and limited government interference will help decrease premiums and increase healthcare for the most needy.

Disability Rights/ Reform

While the Americans with Disabilities Act and ABLE Act have made progress in giving those with disabilities the rights and benefits they need, there is more that needs to be done to reform the current disability system. Millions of Americans of all demographics contain a disability, while too many of them are not receiving the benefits they more than need to survive. An expansion of services within the education system and employment opportunities for those with disabilities, a work requirement for able- bodied welfare recipients, and paid family leave are major steps to fixing the longtime system of dysfunction and broken promises. I believe in the empowerment of our most vulnerable and needed by advocating for causes close to the disabled and expanding the ABLE Act by raising the eligibility age to 50, creating more employment and education opportunities, guaranteeing Social Security benefits for the most needy, and doubling the maximum limit of contributions to tax advantaged savings accounts.

Community Activism

There is nothing more generous than giving back to the community. I have been a community activist for years and have volunteered for over 10 different non-profit organizations. Community service helps us understand the needs of those living within our local neighborhoods. When we all get involved in our community and work together to make a difference in other’s lives, we help to spread unlimited peace and happiness among everyone we touch with our love and compassion.

Campaign Finance Reform

For years, politicians have abused their power through greediness and corruption. Large amounts of money have poured into political campaigns for decades just to elect political figures to office, so they can continue making backdoor deals for their crony friends and get re-elected in the next election cycle. I believe in reasonable campaign finance reform that will limit the power and influence of corporatists, political action committees, and special interest groups by capping the amount of money received by individual and corporate donors. 

Family Values/ Spirituality

Nothing is more important in one’s life than family and God. The family structure of loving individuals and the power of prayer is important in our daily lives. As a family man and spiritual Catholic, I believe that loved ones and spirituality is important in our daily lives. I also believe in marriage equality where two individuals of consent age can live the rest of their lives with their true love and start a family with them. When we have both family and God in our lives, we have faith in each other and others around us and help to spread those traits to those in the present and in the future.

Community Heroes/ Veterans

Our most courageous community heroes, such as our police officers and firefighters, have dedicated so much to our local neighborhoods for years. Meanwhile, the majority of them are underpaid and receive a shortage of benefits. That is an unacceptable outcome to such committed daily work. The brave men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line to keep our communities and country safe deserve nothing less than fair pay, good benefits, and well acknowledged recognition and gratitude for the sacrifices they give up. I also believe the spouses of community heroes and veterans should be eligible for disability and other types of benefits.

Voting/ Election Reform

Our voting system in New York is one of the most dysfunctional and outdated systems in the
country. The process has changed very little in the past century and a half, while technology and other resources have grown tremendously in the past decade. Every citizen deserves ultimate access to cast their ballot and participate in our Democratic Republic system and not feel discouraged to vote. An increase of voter registration drives, a cleanup of voter enrollment lists of those who have moved or passed away within the past several years, an increase of services for disabled and elderly voters, an increase in technological voting equipment, and voter identification cards are steps that will make our current system of voting more efficient and organized.

Infrastructure/ Transportation

The infrastructure of our city and nation is vital to the daily commute for millions of people.
Unfortunately, most infrastructure systems are decades old and falling apart. It’s important that
our roads, bridges, highways, and mass transit are rebuild and designed appropriately for the 21st Century so commute and traffic are reduced and safety and satisfaction are increased.


Education is one of the most significant things anyone can receive to be successful in life. Yet, many students struggle to receive good grades and those leaving college are saddled with an enormous amount of student loan debt they need to pay back at the end of the day. College graduates should be given more options to pay down their student debts so they can readjusted into society and not fear of future financial situations. Every parent deserves the opportunity to send their kids to the school they feel is best and every child should be given the best education possible. I support charter schools and "Home Economic" courses in high schools and budget management courses in colleges across the city and nation to help prepare them for the real world. I also believe in “Choice Valued Programs” which will be exploration of classes for high school and college students to figure out what they want to major in.

Civil/ Human Rights

In many parts of the world, basic human rights are violated by oppressive regimes and global
terrorists that threaten the security and dignity of innocent, good hearted individuals. Too many
people are being tormented due to their ethnic background, what gender they are, what religious denomination they are, and even who they are in love with. Every human being, regardless of their background and who they are, deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and generosity possible. Every life is precious and worthy of a life that is filled with unlimited happiness and success. I believe life begins at conception and ends at natural death and oppose the implementation of capital punishment and expansion of abortion services and guidance. I also oppose the practice of Euthanasia on individuals in critical conditions and I  believe in reforming the current adoption system to encourage parents to consider adoption as an option for them. I also believe in expanding protections in both housing and the workforce for LGBTQ citizens. 

Criminal Justice Reform

Our criminal justice system is the greatest in the world. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to continue to make progress. In many parts of the country, non-violent offenders are often incarcerated for a longer period of time than those who have committed crimes that harmed others. And on top of it, the majority of those non-violent offenders are given large bail amounts and aren’t treated the same once they leave prison. All non- violent inmates with small convictions (with exceptions) deserve to be given a fair sentence, low bail, and a second chance in life. Meanwhile, violent offenders with high profile cases should receive critical sentences with  limited chance of parole. 


Our immigration system has been in a state of dysfunction for decades. Yet, both sides of the aisle continue to let the system fall apart and remain disorganized. Our city and nation have been the world’s capitals of immigrants. We need a comprehensive immigration reform solution that will secure the northern and southern borders, grant legal status for DACA recipients free from criminal activity, impose fines for overstayed visas, eliminate the Visa Lottery system, encourage foreign professionals to enter our workforce, and grant automatic citizenship for elderly legal residents and foreign born military personnel.  

Term Limits

For decades, career politicians have abused their power by remaining in office for years on end. I
believe in mandating term limits for all elected officials on every level of government so that the
power of the people is restored and the power of the government is limited.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the most important causes, but one of the least discussed. Millions of men, women, and children from around the world are assaulted either physically, mentally, or emotionally or all three every single year. Far too many precious lives have been taken away from domestic violence situations. I believe in expanding resources and shelters for victims and imposing increased consequences for domestic abusers.

Affordable Housing

Puerto Rican Statehood

In 2012 and 2017, the majority of Puerto Rican registered voters selected to be granted statehood in two separate referendums. Yet, the president and congress refuse to grant the commonwealth an extra star on our glorious flag. The voice of the American people always matters and that includes the American citizens in Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans have been American citizens for over a century and it is about time their rights get fully restored and their voices get heard from Washington figures.

The New York City Housing Authority is the biggest housing authority in the country, yet it is
one of the most inefficient and broken-down agencies. The agency’s top leadership needs to be restored with integrity and free from corruption so that the thousands of New Yorkers living in public housing are treated fairly and their needs are met appropriately. I believe in the expansion of affordable housing options for low/ middle income families, domestic violence victims, senior citizens, and disabled individuals and veterans.

Women/ Minorities


We have one of the highest homeless rates in the nation. And our elected leaders have turned their backs on those without a decent home. Living without a home and other basic necessity items is one of the most difficult things anyone
can go through. I believe in the creation of support facilities to provide homeless individuals with items of necessity, education courses to earn a certificate, employment opportunities to earn income, and job training skills to prepare for the workforce. 

Animal Rights

Us humans are guaranteed God given rights from God. At the same time, animals have similar rights just like us. Far too many animals across the world are tortured, abused, and neglected. I believe in justice being restored for animals being abused through cruelty and oppose no kill shelters for pets and other animals across our city and country. 

Morals and Values

When most of us were growing up, we were taught morals and values from our families. That would include respect for yourself and others and helping others in need. Some of our beliefs and values may be different from each other, but the majority of them we share as one coalition for peace, liberty, and prosperity for all.

Drug/ Alcohol Abuse

Since the beginning of the century, the drug epidemic and alcohol related deaths have increased at devastating rates. The majority of the victims of drug and alcohol related incidents are individuals under the age of 40 and in broken down homes. An expansion of rehab services, counseling, and support groups will help to bring relief in those struggling from substance abuse. Bullying, whether in person or online, should be given necessary consequences to ensure victims receive the treatment they need to be safe and clean.  


 One of the most vulnerable populations in our nation are our seniors. They have worked hard to make our city and nation the best it can be and that legacy of hard work is being passed on by them. Reforming the Social Security and Medicare programs,  creating more accessible transportation options, and expanding tax and penalty exemptions are crucial steps to guaranteeing present and future generations of senior citizens the benefits and resources they need to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Cause Advocacy 

Over 80% of Americans are effected with some sort of cause such as cancer and diabetes. It is heartbreaking that so many people struggle daily from a disease, abuse, or other life changing cause. Resources of support  and need should be given to those who are suffering from such devastating circumstances. When the community, business owners, and government officials work together to help those in need of assistance, then we all benefit and reduce the chances of chaos from occurring. 

Over 50% of minorities are living in poverty, while women make 92 cents of every dollar a white male makes in the workforce. These are unacceptable statistics and don’t define actual progress moving forward. Our nation has made the most progress than any other country in the world, especially when it comes to rights of women and minorities. But there still is more progress to be made. I believe in equal pay for equal work and increase crack down on hate crimes for everyone of all sorts of backgrounds. I also believe there needs to be an expansion of job training programs, education opportunities, and entrepreneur workshops for women and minorities of all age groups. When the economy works for everyone and when everyone is safe from discrimination and other criminal activity, then the environment around us becomes a better place to live in.

 Environment/ Climate Change

Our environment is important to protect for the safety and security of us human beings and nature as a whole. As climate change continues to make an impact on our environment and new scientific research is released, it is significant we find ways to reduce waste, recycle items for reuse, limit dirty coal burning, and move towards energy efficient resources such as wind power sources. Offshore drilling in critical areas should also not be required for drilling purposes if it poses a risk to our environment. 

Latinos/ Hispanics

There are over 60 million Hispanics currently living in the United States. Across the world, 20 countries contain Spanish as their official language. For centuries, too may Hispanics have suffered from poverty, lack of education and employment, brutal dictatorships, and overreaching government rule. Record number of Hispanics are entering our country to live a better lifestyle than the country they lived in for years. The majority are willing to contribute by opening up a business and/ or by entering the workforce to earn a decent income. Encouraging our fellow Hispanic patriots to contribute to the foundation of our country and expanding access to affordable education and employment opportunities is crucial for Hispanics of all backgrounds to succeed and prosper.

Human Acknowledgment

Everywhere we go, we can’t help but witness the dedication and commitment our fellow patriots express. Everyone, no matter what they look like or where they are from, deserves to be acknowledged and recognized for their hard work and for the individual they are. Our greatest inspirational moments are when we help each other, work hard to reach our goals, and set an example to pass on to future generations. I believe in the E’s (Empower, Encourage, and Embrace) to help make our city and nation the brightest and greatest it can be.