District 51

I am proud and honored to represent the 51st Assembly District of New York as district leader. In our district, we have some of the best communities, safest neighborhoods, achieving schools, and wonderful small businesses. My fellow constituents are some of the most hard working and vibrant people I have ever come across and they prove to the rest of the city and country that through dedication, commitment, and mutual respect, anything can be achieved.     I wake up every morning ready to get to work for the gracious people I represent to help make their lives better than it was yesterday. No matter what our political ideology or ethnic background may be, we prove to others that our diversity is more of a strength than a weakness and our drive to create positive change for our neighborhoods actually is worth the fight. Together, we will make our district stronger, prouder, and more attractive for others outside to move within our community. Because we are and always will be in this together. 



- District Leader Avery Pereira