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" I am committed and dedicated to making a positive difference in others lives. I wholeheartedly that no matter what you do, who you are, or where you are from, we are all children of God. We are a united coalition in this fight for prosperity together"
      -Avery Pereira
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I Am Your Voice

I Am Your Voice

I Am Your Voice



For years, Avery has stood up to the Establishment and extreme spectrum of both sides of the political aisle. His involvement in politics is not something he takes advantage of for selfish reasons, but to encourage his fellow Americans to make their voices heard through necessary and reasonable action. The three words of the Constitution state 'We the People' because it is us ordinary citizens that have the ultimate power to create change in this wonderful country of ours. Nothing stands in the way of Avery for standing up for his beliefs and values and his dedicated political work to electing those that represent our values and principles. We live in the greatest nation in the world due to our exceptional status across the rest of the globe. 

 The term "Bipartisan" may be a word that doesn't sit well with most partisan driven opportunists, but many of us know it is much needed. Without both sides coming together and pushing their differences aside, unnecessary friction and regression get in the way of actual progress. Hard sought out solutions that require team work and civil discussion lead to a better and brighter environment for everyone. Avery has worked with both sides of the aisle to form solutions to our country's most critical issues and continues to reach across the spectrum to help bring civility during the current political climate. 

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Community activism is what Avery is most passionate about outside his family circle. Avery has been involved in assisting his community through volunteer work and group discussions/ meetings on how to better near by neighborhoods. As an advocate for a wide range of causes, Avery dedicates much of his time to helping those who need resources of encouragement, necessity items, and inspirational advice. He understands that if we are united behind each other regardless of our background, we can achieve anything. The impossible is possible to accomplish.

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Avery Pereira is a community activist, district leader, advocate for a wide range of causes, and a human rights activist. After traveling to 14 countries and living in 3 states throughout his life, Avery has experienced a set of different cultures and styles of living. Every city, state, and country he visits, Avery sees the creativity, compassion, and wisdom from the most dedicated, committed, and even vulnerable. Since being elected as the Republican district leader of the 51st assembly district of NY in 2017, Avery has met with local elected officials and community activists on finding solutions to the issues effecting constituents and their families. Avery has been taught since a young age that hard work and respect for others goes a long way in life. He follows that advice everyday and acts as a role model for his fellow millennials by encouraging them to be the leaders of the next generation. Everything he does comes from his heart due to his drive to making a positive difference within his community and fellow Americans. Avery is currently the president and co- founder of the local nonprofit Uplifting Latinos Association, a substitute teacher in the NYC school system, and a member of the New York Republican State Committee. 

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